Lost Solana token in Sollet by Hacker

Someone hack my account in Sollet and lost All Sol token which was in my wallet.
Pls advice how to stop this hacker.

I dont know if i can chage password or creating new account or what is the best way to solve this issue

hi, i am afraid if you are sure they have hacked your wallet then that is very bad as there is normally no way to find the hacker unless you trace the transactions and see if he put them on an exchange to sell them. Then we can recover them if we can get the exchange to work with the police. You have to check if the address they moved the SOL to is an exchange or chains to an exchange. Then you can get them maybe. I am building a wallet that does not use the Internet web browsers as this is not so good for safety. It will be at www.solanawallet.ch so look for it soon.

how did you get hacked? did you leak your password?

Same here bro, mine was even worse first one was hacked then I created a 2nd and was hacked as well. What was the wallet that your funds were transferred to?

Hello @eijisumi and @Chrischin17

I was also hacked back in March, managed to recover part of the funds although it came at a cost…

Report to local authorities and to the IC3 (FBI) and try to find some good crypto law firm (never use any kind of recovery company), the best ones I found are Silver Miller Law and Crypto Legal, the legal fees were substantially better with Crypto Legal but DYOR and choose on your own criteria, you can contact them here:

Silver Miller: dsilver@silvermillerlaw.com

Crypto Legal : info@cryptolegal.uk

Best of luck with it, hope you can retrieve your funds.

My wallet was harked but I meet someone who helped me recover all my coin thanks to Me Lex

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can you explain how you are going to recover the SOL coin i sent to scammer ?