Lost solana yesterday

Hello, can someone help me. I’ve been naive and send my solana crypto to scam. I’ve lost 50 solana. Can someone help me to get it back?

Hi @Amarand88,

Sorry to hear your misfortune.

The best place to get help is through Discord:


Best of luck …

Hi , even i lost SOL to a scam. I have been searching on how to get it back, but no ways till now. I was looking on freezing the scammer SOL address before he moves the SOL, no luck so far …

Thanks @Neal. Atleast there is one person who cares and replies.
One question: Is it possible to freeze SOL account ?

since i know the SOL address i transfered to. Many around 30 and still many are getting scammed. I joined discord and tweet just to warn others.
After i got scammed yday, i have seen many others getting scammed. The scammer address has accumulated 1221 SOL. Now the scammer is changing website and addresses everyday, though the youtube is the same.

Thanks for sharing @anonymous121.

Scammers not only hurt the victim, they hurt all of us because they stunt our growth as a Solana community and also as a Crypto community in general.

We have to share this knowledge and educate each other to try to stop it from happening. Explaining how you got scammed can help a potential future victim, I ask all those who have lost to come forward and share their stories, both here and on discord.

This information needs to be collated, written up (I’m a writer, I can do it) and placed in prominent places to warn others and deter them from falling into the hands of criminals.

It really is in everyone’s interests to do this.

Those people that are good enough to help out on discord have more knowledge than anyone and can make a big difference here so I reach out to you.

What do you say Solana community?

‘All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing’ …

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absolutely, thats the reason i have created twitter and discord accounts to warn others and check if any possibility of getting back, if not getting back, atleast freeze the SOL address account.

twitter @anonymo45854914 where i mentioned how i got scammed by youtube video and an expert web page. I was a fool, though a techy, a little greed, half awake, FOMO and many other factors contributed, but my bad i paid the amount without checking fully. Here is the account where i transferred , HeKZocnWAZnXcz3LHxdTsSsuGhEFLx1dWviXvTfL22N6 clearly can see how many got scammed just with this address. Everyday scammer is changing the website and address and scamming even more people. I am guessing there is no means of freezing SOL account. I haven’t got any reply to PM in discord, which is disheartening though.

Yday the scammer was using different website the youtube has now blocked the video as of today . The address is also changed to DXRAhgxEwP5Gpz51ZYsL8XoEh16vsUfKzi5Kd8SBF8rP . One can see how many people are sending SOL … Sad that we couldn’t stop it ealier enough. I mailed youtube 2 days back, posted in discord and sent couple of mails to Solana folks, no reply though from solana folks… Both scammer websites are dead now. Thanks Neal, pls spread the word. I am new to discord and still searching my way through the little time i have.

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scammer started transferring the amount

-◎407.000005 ◎814.697093199 Fee PayerSigner
FxZ8LoHtcWhiStvc1haj1F39ZQAaU3r1Moyykv5CiNDY +◎407 ◎973

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Hi @anonymous121, thanks for bearing your soul just to try to help others, I feel your pain :heart_decoration:.

Crypto is the wild, wild west, there is no law and order (yet), the rewards are there but so are the crooks.

What we need is to work towards creating information that deters just about anyone from falling into the trap (Of course, the scammers will read it, too, and keep adapting).

What I really want to understand is how the scammer lured you. I know it would be painful to go through it, to walk through this pain again but I ask you for the benefit of others to tell me, step by step, step by step, exactly what happened.

Karma has a way of evening things up and you never know how things might turn out. Crypto is only just getting going, you are probably going to be involved for years to come and I bet in years from now, you will only look back on this as a lesson learnt, having made a small fortune on all your knowledge gained.

Yes, definitely i learnt, but by paying a big price. I take your response as “we cannot freeze the SOL account”.
I was intrigued by Solana, which i already owned and was searching in youtube to find more details on Solana. The first youtube link CEO interview and future price attracted me. The youtube interview with CEO itself was good and was impressed, later my focus turned to the background in the video, which said something about free giveaway from CEO “to accelerate crypto adoption” . WOW , what a noble cause and great giveaway, got excited, the timer was ticking away in the webpage (mentioned below the youtube video). I pinged my friends and colleagues, no one was present. Not a single thought that this could be a scam. Was half asleep, didnt bother to check the SOL address history also, which i googled later. Just accumulated SOL and sent it to the address waiting for double the amount in return, which never came. Then checked the binance deposit address, it was different than what was shown in the transaction. (may be binance has one single address to send SOL for all users) . Panicked. Googled , found the blockchain transaction history, it was showing my Tx and many other Tx, no outgoing which was promised from the CEO’s SOL address as scammer claimed in website. Confirmed i was scammed… Too late since transaction was done, and cannot be reverted back. After that i have been trying to ask for help and also let anyone everyone know there is a scammer, since new Tx can be seen after my Tx. Many got scammed. Wrote to youtube , to ban the video. Next day , same video pointing to a diff website with a diff SOL address, checked that as well, same. Many people sending SOL to that address. searched Solana discord, emailed to solana company employee who takes care of phishing and scamming. Again, Next day(today), i can see the scammer moving the SOL to different address, (blockchain, i can track but cannot get back… very helpless state…) Hope this helps someone… no one gives for free, i think i was carried away by the CEO youtube video which was embedded in scammer video. Didn’t even check the youtube history… all the videos he posted. BTW, there were more subscribers (cementing my assumption that it is genuine) to scammer youtube channel than original Solana youtube channel (which i later figured) . Not sure how he fooled youtube to get more subscribers. There was only one video though, which i missed in the mayhem to not miss the bus. Website was superb, simple, clean, no extra stuff, pure scam. too good to be true, i should have remembered. Keep safe.

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Thanks for taking the time to share this with the community @anonymous121, anyone who reads this is likely to avoid this criminal. If the scammer comes back on Youtube and you see it, please let us know here.

I don’t think there is any way to freeze an account, if anyone knows otherwise, please correct me but in the end, karma will reward you for your good deed, you will see. The more you give the more you get in life, stay safe and well.

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@Neal, sure will post it here if the youtube video comes online. I do have the scammer webpage html saved, but since attachment, cannot send. I doubt how many will look and get saved by the scammer, but that is their karma, i will do mine.

@Amarand88 Did you get scammed by same youtube redirecting to a website, can you write up, believe me it will reduce your pain, by sharing the pain. Just fyi, i lost 90 SOL, a very big amount considering SOL’s rise.

Here it is , now on Solana… this guy is using the same model and scamming so many folks…
cardano2021events.com and gift-ada.net both secured sites… Look so genuine, just like SOL… beware folks…

Scammer trasnferred all SOL to other addresses… but it is now permament and no one cannot change the transaction. If it is an exchange, he will be caught, if not now, in future, since blockchain cannot be erased…

and another cardano-prize.net youtube.com/watch?v=SNFobwuAT-8 . OMG… he is laying multiple traps for one two days and later will remove them in a day or two… pls educate others… using CEO interviews and marking them as giveaways, scamming people…

Never believe a youtube giveaway. also has “Chat is disabled for this live stream.” So comments are banned and cannot be used to warn others… secured site is a joke… all scammer sites were secured sites… is it so anonymous to create a secured site ? Youtube is a joke as well, they take 3 days to respond…

Hi @anonymous121, thankyou for posting this, I have learnt a lot from you and I really appreciate you take the time to help others so that they don’t fall into a trap.

There are a lot of people coming to this forum seeking assistance rather than going to Discord, or are people going there but getting little or no response? (This is not a critcism of Discord or of anyone generous enough to give their time there, I am just trying to understand how things are working / not working).

In the interests of helping to make a community more useful, what was your experience on Discord?

Hello @Amarand88
Your complaint has been received and would be attended to. Kindly visit the Solana support live chat website for more assistance with this ticket Id #VZ6023.


Beware of scammers we would never DM you first!

This is a fake ticket ID and a fake Solana forum.

Isnt that right, @Marc_dentea ???

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I got 3.6 sol stolen today from my wallet today. Someone sent me a discord message about a nft project the website was verified but when you connect wallet to website it takes sol luckily it didn’t take my nfts in the wallet but still I need help? Is it anyway to recover it back please ?