Losted coin on mint

hi guys, this is my first time writing here. I had a problem while making NFT mint. I want your opinions.

my computer’s time and date were corrupted and while it would take time to mint on an nft address, I had the mint button on. For this reason, I pressed the mint key and my 1.19 solana coin went to an address. address of the transaction:


When I examined the address wallet that received the coins in my hand, I saw that only fees came here. I tried to contact the owners of this nft address, but they immediately banned and blocked me.

Is there any chance to undo this action?

anyone? some give advice?

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thank you for respond,

ı couldnt find that adress on telegram can u help to find they. a link would be very good.

Hi @buruko,

The best place for support is here:

Solana Discord Invite

Scammers are everywhere, don’t directly message anyone, keep everything on the forum, okay?

Good luck :heart_decoration:

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