Maximum block size

How large can a Solana block be? How many transactions can they contain? From the advertised 60k tps and 0,6s block times I get 36k txs/block (tx/s = blocks/s * tx/block), but is this the actual maximum block size?

max account size rn 10MB

Thanks but I meant the blockchain block size. I.e. the maximum size of one block produced during a slot.

Yes you did, sry didn’t read properly… the answer is complicated… It’s not like Bitcoin where all transactions are basically the same.

Solana is aiming to make a block every 400ms, because transactions could be smart contract calls, some which would take longer to execute than others, the validator should include transactions who’s execution time in total approximates to that. In other words I think there is an execution time limit not a size limit.

This is my understanding anyway… FYI you may get better response to a question like this in the discord, which tends to have more eyeballs than the forum. Indeed, I encourage you to repost this in question in the developer-support chat, would be interesting to see what the developers say.

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I searched for “max block size” and they say it is variable based on the transaction rate at that time, and said: “There is a 64k shred limit per block. Each shred can contain 1200bytes of data.” So I guess the maximum possible size for a block is 76,8 MB. With a maximum transaction size of 1232 bytes (also from discord) that makes a theoretical maximum transaction rate of 62,337 tx/block, at 400ms per block, that would be 155,844 tx/s of maximum size transactions… But the devs already hinted that they will hit hardware limits before they will hit block size limits, so it isn’t really that important.

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You know, now I think about it, it would require pretty sophisticated software to measure transactions the way I suggested, doesn’t really make sense… so 155ktps is the theoretical maximum rn. ok.

only the maximum for maximum sized transactions. Most transactions may be far smaller than that… I couldn’t find a minimum transaction size tho, so I had to ask in the discord for this now :rofl: