Missing my USDT deposit by SPL token program

Hi there i been used SPL token program to deposit my USDT from Crypto.com to my FTX wallet few days ago and the transaction was successful , but i didnt receive any USDT in my ftx wallet , i tried to contact ftx support but they said the address not under ftx which i straight copy from my ftx Wallet . The address is ESLST4pkoTA3oKxTRmgjUnALQzHtn34rQDJXQ36B4J9g

And the transaction hash is 2MdoRGV2FwoNRrihxBTz9ZVAmQ6MK5sWK3GA2wcVPXNd3ooRb5DU2DkNf7jiN3m7qFvkjfzGv4U9LxvwGjXfZpKr

Hi @Shawn and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything we can do to get to the money in that wallet. It looks like it was all transferred out of the wallet you sent it to, which can be normal for wallet in a centralized exchange like FTX, but if FTX says it’s not their wallet I don’t know who’s it is.

It seems like there are only three possibilities I can think of here:

  1. FTX support is wrong, and that is your FTX wallet address and they need to fix their system to give you your money back.
  2. This is actually the address of a different centralized exchange ( i.e. Coinbase, Binance, etc. ) that you accidentally copied the address from, and not FTX.
  3. You have a fake, scam wallet that you transferred the tokens to.
    • I think this is not super likely, unless it was a really good scammer who’s managed to accumulate over 200 billion dollars in SOL.