Missing one seed phrase word

Hello, can someone help ? For some reason the password that I used to set up the phantom wallet did not work when trying to log in. I tried to reset the password but I notice that I wrote down only 11 of the 12 seed words. I’m currently missing one and I’m not sure the position of the missing word. I know the wallet public address. I’m currently manually checking and narrowing down which combinations provide a valid check sum by using the 2048 words. Is there a way to check which of the valid seed phrase combinations is my wallet ? Without having to open each and checking if it matches my public key?

Thanks, in advance

Hi @C3lz and welcome to the forum!

It’s possible to write a script that will try all of the different combinations and find the right one. I’m going to be attempting a script for finding keys in response to an issue another user had here and if I get that working I should be able to work on a script for you too.

I’ll let you know if I get anything, I’m currently trying to find the best library for generating addresses from the seed phrases.

Hello zicklag. Thanks for your response and for offering to help. I managed to find the missing word through a process of elimination which was done manually. I think it’s time for me to start learning computer science as an automated process in this case would have been very helpful.

Thanks again! All the best.

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Great! Glad you found it. :slight_smile:

Also, if you’re looking into a learning a cool scripting system useful for building your own utilities or something, Deno is really cool. It’s kind of like a cooler ( IMO ) version of NodeJS:

Also, if you just want to get into learning coding, I highly recommend Free Code Camp:

They’ve got lots of great resources, free courses, and many of the people who take their courses land high-paying jobs afterwards.

Thank you very much for the recommendations! I will definitely look into them.

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