Missing Solana coins

I sent solana from my Coinbase account to my Crypto.com account and it never made it to Crypto.com but shows complete in my coinbase account. The wallet addresses are identical. I later sent another solana and it went through no problems. It’s been three days still nothing.

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Hi @Atxjoaq and welcome to the forum! :wave:

I’ve seen several users with a similar issue when sending funds to Binance. Most-likely it’s Crypto.com’s fault and you need to contact Crypto.com support to get it resolved.

I’ve tried several times….

Is there anyway to find the transaction details?

Usually the exchange will tell you what the ID of a transaction was on the chain. Look for something that says something like “Transaction ID” and it will be a long string of letters and numbers.

Then go to solscan.io and paste that transaction ID into the search bar.

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It will most-likely show that the transaction succeeded and that the SOL has been transferred. The issue is that with these centralized exchanges like Crypto.com, they have their own infrastructure that isn’t necessarily as reliable as the blockchain.

I haven’t seen how Crypto.com works yet, but for an example, when you send a transaction to Binance, Binance will detect that you sent funds to your wallet, and then it will automatically transfer the tokens out of the wallet into a massive Binance wallet where all the money held by Binance goes. The issue is that Binance somehow forgets to add the money to your balance when they do that.

It seems very unprofessional to me the unreliability of some of these services, especially considering the fact that they’re dealing with your money.

With Binance, Binance support has so far always gotten people’s money back, but it can take up to a week for them to get back to you. I’m not sure if Crypto.com is similar.

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Thank you I was able to find all the info using my wallet address

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I had the same issue happen. I tried to send Solana from coinbase to binance and to my stepn app wallet. The solana was removed from my coinbase account, but never reached the blockchain. No transaction hash, no record on solscan.io . It just vanished. Coinbase support has been no help either.