Mobile Game Development Tools

Before getting into the depth of mobile game development tools. First Let’s get into some facts and figures of the mobile game industry. The total figure of spending of mobile game consumers reached $116 billion. Do you know that 62% of people install the mobile game in their brand new smartphone within a week of purchase? There is more than 2.2 billion mobile game active users worldwide. Experts predicted that by the end of the year 2020 total revenue of mobile games will hit $76.7 billion.

These figures are enough for anyone to explain the current scenario and the future mobile game industry has.

There are various mobile game development tools are available in the market. Which is leveraged by the mobile game developers. So I would only mention those tools are popular and the majority of mobile game developers love to use them.

One of the reasons people leverage these tools for game development is that they allow anyone to build a mobile game without writing a single line of code. Because all of them are drag and drop which ultimately faster your game development process.

  • GameMaker Studio - 2

  • Construct3

  • Solar2D

  • Fusion

  • Buildbox