MOD Verification please

Use this and do that again and send the new QR barcode generate

Yes cause no one will ever ask you for funds or your wallet info

synchronizing wallet but taking a while

Okay did you find the sollet wallet you’re using ?

yes but as you know no funds in it i was wiped out

Wiped out ? What happen ?

my funds went missing a while back so am I doing this for you to get my funds back?

Okay message me on WhatsApp for a help
‪+1 (801) 210‑9259‬

this was the original message about my funds…are you helping with this?
Can anyone help me. On Friday evening I withdrew liquidity and at the same time sent tokens to my sollet wallet. They never arrived and I have tracked the tokens to an account which says associated account. This has never happened before and my remaining tokens remain intact in my wallet. At the same I added liquidity to a site and although the liquidity tokens are showing in the associated account I can see that I am earning rewards and when I harvest the rewards go to my wallet.
Totally confused here and just want to know what can I do to get my tokens out of the associated account

Thanks for any help.


I can help , send a DM

We can help you recover your funds but you need to pay some little fee to get this fixed real quick

is this forum not for helping people without a fee?

You’re paying this fee for gas just for your funds to be transferred back to your wallet and your money appears back , so how much did you loose in total ?

a good few thousand dollars the web site you directed me to is not working as it just keeps synchronizing

how much would the fee cost and has things changed about associated accounts as I was told 6 months ago that nothing could be done?

Send me the Qr barcode that’s synchronising

Something can be done , it’s called dispute recovery, you’re paying $500 and you’re getting all your funds back in less than 30mins after payment

Are you getting our response at all?

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