MY HD with ( id.json )is no more accessible

my solana wallet on my linux is no more acessible.
i minted some token but i have no seed phrase or pub key.(broken after i tried to clone my hd for security)
should i erase the token and create again??if yes…how ?

token adress: J4ieoMxEng99xHVD3KMvyZ2zYz1ZmkwqmQhRSeqjoMqV

token wallet which i cant acess anymore: B8aHiGgFEqcqi9w9gmzHH5WYLZYnafSpr8khLioZndtA

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Hi @sbs and welcome to the forum! :wave:

First off, beware of scammers. Don’t reply to any private messages, they will try to steal your money!

Also, I’m fairly sure there isn’t a way to erase a token address. If can’t get to it anymore, you’ll just have to ignore it.

You’ll have to create a new token, unfortunately.

Oh! Unless you have the seed phrase for the wallet you used to create the token. Then you can restore your wallet.

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