My RPC node is constantly lagging

Hey folks, I am trying to set up an RPC node using a Hetzner SX294 server (single Xeon W-2245 CPU with 256GB RAM and two NVMe SSDs in a software RAID1)
I used the following Ansible role to set up the node: GitHub - rpcpool/solana-rpc-ansible: Ansible config for Solana RPC (modified it a bit to suit my needs, basically, just did a version bump)
My node is constantly lagging, it seems to be CPU-bound, I’ve got a CPU flamegraph but I don’t see any obvious hot spots besides something that I identified as snapshot compression
When I try to run the node with uncompressed snapshots it is getting killed by the OOM killer
Am I missing something? Is it even possible to run an RPC node on that CPU?