My solana is lost

I just made my solana phantom account and deposited 2.24sol from my binance account.
But all of my sol dissappered; it was sent to
but i didnt send it. I dont know why it was sent. Can anybody help me? Or does it connect with raydium??
Please help me …

Unfortunately once tokens are sent, there is no way to undo the transfer. The only way to get your tokens back is if the account that they are in now chooses to send them back. Sorry you lost your tokens!

I don’t know why the tokens were transferred out of your wallet in the first place, though.

What app were you using exactly for your wallet? Maybe it was a fake wallet app pretending to be Phantom.

Same happened to me now till now I can’t fine any pls is there a way I can get my fund back

Sorry @Agboro , unfortunately there’s no way to get back funds transferred out of your account.

I’m not sure how anybody somehow got access to your account, though, so I would be careful before creating a new account. What wallet are you using?

I send 2 SOL to adress AURYydfxJib1ZkTir1Jn1J9ECYUtjb6rKQVmtYaixWPP

TxID 3nesMCkPM2M4zNTtHzhuH3jQoAxx1jjBttRgXz3eRDw237UKDq2d5T4Qc2o51JafGSqgJmcDs9aRxffgYqw3Ydfc

can you reverse this transaction?

Sorry @DadoJunqueira, it’s impossible to reverse transactions. Once made, there’s no undoing them.