My Solet account hacked

I Had 407USD and 14hrs ago its gone , i went to solscan and is can see its been transferred to this wallet 3e7gGnh7ksDuMx3UkZ4RUpGBYUJ1M8FdrV3DtpTb9ncA from my wallet 7Z4zHQNst26KofFt4KWS3WZsVYR5AxEcyXH8i8KiL5h2 . Can someone help me to get it back this is daylight robbery

Unfortunately your tokens are irrecoverable. Once a transaction has been made, it’s permanent, and the only way to get tokens back is if the other side transfers them back to you willingly.

I’m sorry for your loss!

To prevent future thefts, I recommend getting a hardware wallet to store your funds in. Hardware wallets make it much more difficult to steal your funds.

I would also recommend uninstalling any browser extensions that you don’t need, because those can modify legitimate websites to try to steal your information or otherwise manipulate the website to ask you to transfer your tokens to a malicious actor.

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