My Sollet wallet got hacked

Hi there, im not sure what happened.

as i was entering my seed code into my wallet, after reactivating my wallet, i saw in a matter of 3 seconds thats all my coins was drained away. i immediately went to solana explorerer to check what happened to my coins and it seems that all the various coins i was holding was sent out to some unknow address.

when i look further into my browsing history, it appears that i was somehow redirected to an unknown site which looks exactly like

so i pressume that i could have entered my seed code and password which this site stole it and perhaps a bot employed and took all my coins away.

i dont even know how i chance upon this site. I normally go to my folder and access for consistency, but for some reason i land on that. it was very late at night, it is my fault i did not double check the address bar. i just thought it would be the same as i did so on other occasions.

what can i do now with all my coins gone?

Hi @rebbulc, I am sorry this has happened to you, I hope for a happy ending but there are so many scammers around the Solana space at the moment. You can visit discord to see if there is something you can do:

Solana Discord Invite

Wishing you well …

Beware : @Marc_dentea is a scammer …