My wallet is lost?

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Direct message here on the forum is by far the most convenient for me, and I will usually be able to reply in less than 24 hours.

Thank you! Yes, my public wallet address doesn’t have anything in it yet. This is for sure my wallet address:


I can help with that. Just be aware that I’m not comfortable working on other people’s NFT projects or marketplaces, because I’m not comfortable with much of the art that people produce. If it’s not artwork, though, I can help.

For the logo, you have to open a pull reqeust to a GitHub repo with your token’s info: How to name my spl token? - #2 by jeyjey.

Hi ziklag I have sent you some Sol. Please check.

I have also already done a pull request some months ago but it was rejected because of error. There was was some youtube videos about naming your token but from the time the video was posted to the time I added my logo there was some changes regarding how to upload the image file. So 2 problems I had so it was rejected.

Its also not NFT

Thank you very much @aepeltolien!

If you want, I can setup your PR if you give me the token info.

Also, @jeyey just figured out how to get it working for him if you are interested in reading his suggestions.

Anyway, we should move off of this topic now, feel free to open a new topic or direct message me.

Hi @zicklag , I have cleared my chrome cache and didn’t keep my private key of my derivable accounts (i wasnt aware the seed phrase won’t be enough to get access to them all). What is the best way to proceed (I’m on Mac). Thanks for your support. Hope you can help

Hi @dmtr_i and welcome to the forum! :wave:

The easiest thing to try is to import your seed phrase into That will give you a list of accounts that can be derived from your seed phrase. You wallet address should be somewhere in there.

Let me know if that doesn’t work!

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Thx @zicklag actually, I enter the seed phrase of my wallet & it offers me to restore a whole list of Wallet (10 approximately). In that list i can’t see the 2 wallets i want to restore. When clicking “restore”, it give me back my main wallet, I can create new account, but i don’t know how to show the 2 wallets with my token in it.

The seed phrase should be fully enough to get back all of your accounts. Some questions:

  • How did you originally create the two wallets that you want to restore, and what wallet did you use?
  • Are you sure it’s the correct seed phrase?
  • Did you try the different dropdowns in Sollet when importing the key:
  • They aren’t addresses tied to a hardware wallet are they?

1/ I’ve created this wallet from my main sollet, going to account/+Add account
2/ Yes. It bring me back my main account
3/ Yes i’ve tried the 3 of them, all are at zero SOL value & i can’t find my 2 wallets number
4/ No they are no tied to an hardware wallet
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Did you use the “import private key” feature when adding the accounts?

No i didn’t, just added new accounts

Then I think you must have gotten the wrong seed phrase. That should work for sure.

There’s still a very slight chance I’m wrong, but I believe we have to be missing something else here. Have you tried importing the seed phrase into other wallets like Phantom or Solflare? ( DO NOT USE MOBILE APPS, there are fake Solflare and Sollet wallets on mobile app stores )

Yes, I’ve tried on Phantom same situation (always on web, never on mobile)

I’ve got 2 differents Main Sollet Wallet actually (with 2 different seed phrase then). 1st one, i only get the main wallet (didn’t add any accounts), 2nd one the one we talk about. I’ve of course tried both.

But all Added Accounts get a private key that i didn’t save (i didn’t know i might have to do it) and i clear chrome cache/Cookies/history and nothing is coming back. Aren’t these private key needed in a way?

No. They are generated from the seed phrase. That’s what’s strange about this.

For instance, I’ll walk through the whole process here with a new generated account. You can follow along in Sollet if you want using the same seed phrase. It’s not my real wallet or anything.

Here’s a wallet seed phrase: display comic pyramid venture message item talk valve net angry donor fee ceiling online review injury scale chunk parent toy people business parent excess.

When I import this seed phrase into Sollet, I get the following:

The green arrow points to the main wallet address: HE9D3Jwt5t2qZut1qfMnAPNo2eoyoJV3QTpVjSXAvrbu.

Also note that the next two addresses in the list are E9FiUaH6Soz1cjWFmZpUYdj4Sk21jY579PdUDV1FaKoD, and BB276xR6xgWBnRzJceiX5zijDUYEHpaA5psyV3Kr82c3.

Now if I click restore I can see that it did use the HE9D... address as my main wallet address:


Now, let’s add an account:



Now we can see that our new account is the next account in the list: the E9Fi... one.

I can also add another account and it will be the next one in the list: BB27...


You can use the same seed phrase that I posted above and you will get the same three accounts in a row, even though we share none of the same browser history or cache or anything.

That’s why there has to be something we’re missing.

Ok. Go it. So normally it brings back all wallets…
Would it be possible that my 2 wallets that i don’t see in the top 10 position will be in N° 11 position for instance?
In the interface it’s stating: To prevent loss of funds, please ensure you have the seed phrase and the private key for all current accounts.
Same when creating a wallet: “Your private keys are only stored on your current computer or device. You will need these words to restore your wallet if your browser’s storage is cleared or your device is damaged or lost.”

It’s highly unlikely, because that should only happen if you literally clicked the “Add account” button 11 times and created 11 separate accounts, but if you want to test it, it would be as simple as adding accounts over and over until you got to 11. There isn’t really a limit.

It probably references the private key because it’s possible to import accounts from a private key that are not generated from your seed phrase, so it tells you to be sure that you get any private keys you need too.

Yeah, if you only ever used the seed phrase to generate accounts, then that’s all you need.

Thanks @zicklag indeed i was using the wrong seed phrase, I mismatch N°1 & N°2. As my main account and some others derivative accounts are at zero Sol value, I had to add few accounts.
Anyway, I get it all settle now. Thanks a lot for your patience & prompt support. How can i reward you?
Grazie 1000 Again!

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So glad I could help!

My Solana wallet address is 9ftYTyetEXtLtDkhfRF8bCWGfKZqiYmx2HDZDTogZh6A if you want to send me crypto. Any little amount helps, and I don’t care what kind of tokens, SOL, USDC, CATO, or whatever, as long as it’s a Solana token. Thanks!

Just did at 7:17pm UTC. Thanks again. You made my day :)!

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@zicklag …please help me…I have my seed phrase, before my phone developed issues an formatted itself…but now trying to input my phrase to recover my wallet ,is showing not invalid bip99 phrase…but I am sure thats my correct phrase…please assist me sir @zicklag

Hi @Kingsley and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Is your seed phrase made up of 12 words?