My wallet was hacked

someone has hacked my account can you help, I am confused who else to ask for help, all I ask for help is asking for my sol token

Hi @Zuhri and welcome to the forum. :wave:

Unfortunately if somebody has stolen your tokens from your wallet, then there isn’t anything anybody can do to get them back to you ( other than the person who stole them ).

See this comment for some more info:

Sorry about your lost tokens! :confused:

I really need that token please help, I haven’t paid my rent yet

it was the address that stole my token

I’m sorry, but Solana is permissionles, meaning there is no “admin” or other person who can make the scammer transfer the tokens back.

Once tokens are transferred, there’s no undoing it. Not even the Solana foundation can transfer them back.

I’m an old user of the solana network, this is the first time I got hacked even though I was very careful, no one knows my private key, this is probably a smart hacker who stole

I really need the token to pay for the house rent, my stolen token is 342 usdc, please return half of it, that’s okay, I really need to pay for the rent, I don’t have any money at all