Need Help! Failed transaction with my Phantom wallet?


Just looking for help after I had a failed transaction when someone was purchasing one of my NFTs. Now the NFT is gone and the SOL never made it to my wallet. This happened on Solsea today. Any help would be great!

Hi @Graveheart and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Do you have a transaction ID or a wallet address that I can look at that was related to the purchase?

Here is the transaction:

Looking at the transaction it seems that the failed transaction didn’t change anything about your account balances, which makes sense, failed transactions shouldn’t do anything.

I’m not familiar with the way that the Solsea smart contract works so I think you’ll have to contact them on their support channels or maybe refresh and double-check the app and your wallet to make sure things aren’t fine already.

Just be very careful when reaching out for support and never, ever, ever give anybody your seed phrase or private key for any reason.