Need help with starting Solana development

Hello everyone, I’m looking to start developing on the Solana blockchain, however I’m 17 and I’ve never done any programming before, I’ve been looking on the Solana website, however all the articles and sources I’ve found assume I have general knowledge around blockchain development, which I don’t have. Does anyone know anywhere to start and get that general knowledge?. Thanks :+1:

Hi @robbiedonoghue and welcome to the forum! :wave:

I can try to answer questions you have on the forum, but as for places to start learning, maybe start by learning Rust.

A couple of good resources would be these guides.

This one is quick and to the point with less explaining and more coding:

And this one is a good in-depth guide book:

After you have a basic grasp on Rust, the best guides for Solana development right now is Figment, I think:

Thanks, I’ll start looking through the guides, I don’t really know any coding and programming termonology, would you suggest I try and learn some first, or go straight into rust?

Either of those links to Rust would be a good start, but if you haven’t coded much before, probably start with the Rust book instead of Rust By Example.

Everyone learns stuff differently, sometimes drastically differently, so it’s hard to say whether or not you should start with Rust or another language.

I’d say go ahead and try to start with Rust, because you need Rust to program Solana, and see how it goes.

Definitely get on the amazing Rust forum too where there are all kinds of smart people who are super helpful to beginners. Most of us rustaceans are proud of our helpful and friendly community. :slight_smile:

If Rust is seeming too confusing and you’d rather start with a simpler language, I recommend going through the also amazing Free Code Camp: