Need help with validator please

Hey guys I want to run a validator and have some general questions that I am still not clear on after reading the material. Please correct me if Im wrong.

  1. If I want to apply for delegation from the foundation do I have to set up a validator on test net and then apply for delegation? Did I understand it correctly?
  2. Does the machine have to be just as powerful on testnet? My understanding is that you set up on testnet then wait to get approved for a stake and then set up a second server on Mainnet and I have to run 2 machines 1 on testnet and one on Mainnet? Correct? Just getting pricey with those machine specs and then machine on testnet is completely at my cost.
  3. How long does it typically take to get approved for delegation?
  4. I read that datacenter saturation is also important. How can I check if datacenter where I want to run my validator is already saturated or not?

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