New to SOL - I am an Automation QA Engineer looking to help!

Hey everyone! I am new to Solana, but have high hopes for the project!

As such, i am. looking to help some teams out with their projects however possible. I am an automation QA engineer and would love to start helping out and hopefully add value to projects!

Hey CryptoSailor, check out the Discord to connect with the team and other developers. There are subchannels for developers.

@eugeneprokopenko @CryptoSailor Can you guys really can access the Discord? I did try but looks like I do not have the full right to comments or see all the sub channels? Any idea?

At the top left of the Discord, there is a channel called Role Selection or something similar to that. Go there and choose a role. Afterwards, you should be able to post.

Hmm, for some reason, I could not Role Selection or something like it. That’s super weird.