New to Solana and issues


I’m new to Solana and I’m very interested to try it. I like new innovative solutions and Solana seems to be a fair network.
Recently, I have already signed up for Solapad Airdrop but it says, I need a tiny amount of Solana to add a token in my wallet.

I have already created a Solana wallet and maybe someone experienced from Solana ecosystem can send me some tiny amount of Solana to my wallet: Dn3T5pgTDgKr33mgomNftqHvMYTeMuMPLHs37bT54s42

Happy to get some tiny amount of Solana at my wallet to give it a try.


Done :slight_smile:


And yes you need to spent some coins to add contract!

Edit: what is the related airdrop?

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Many thanks! Solana seems to have a great community!

Ok, but one question:
Can I only receive tokens in Solana when I have added a matching contract?

It’s from SolaPad: