New to Solana .... as a validator

I am starting your validator program and I would like you to indicate the tasks and commands that I must do as a validator. I write from Bolivia and I am willing to run as a validator. I understand the programming that I already installed, but beyond that, what I must do … Reading in some forums or advice on the web, it is not clear to me that if I must execute transactions and I must obtain them or as in other instances I must execute commands so that my computer in the background work executing transactions that you send … Thanks

Buenos Dias mi amigo de Bolivia, me gusto much los Andes montanyas de sus. Well that was my H.S. Spanish and I hope it makes you feel welcome. I would recommend that you read very carefully the docs at Running a Validator | Solana Docs and then you must also join up the Solana Forum on Discord. If you are not already a software engineer or I.T. expert, you will have a good deal of learning and I don’t recommend it unless you do have this experience. Otherwise you may need to find a I.T. expert to pay to help you get started. Its a wise investment as Solana is the top investment coin that the most amount of pro investors are buying besides Bitcoin now.

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