New validators information

Hello everyone,

We are from Ledgerwise and are looking for information related to setting up a node, not technically details which we got from Docs but extra details like -

a) Do we need stakes to get started as a validator on the platform?
b) What’s the process of getting into TcD Testnet and then into mainnet?
c) any other information validator coming from another Blockchain ecosystem should know before applying as a Sol validator?

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Hey @askblock

Sorry for the late reply here. If you haven’t been given some answers on Discord already I’ll provide some answers for you:
a) No need for stakes to get started, we’ll provide you with Testnet SOL to get started
b) Simply register here and then we’ll issue out some testnet SOL to you. And you’ll be able to join at the start of the next TdS Stage (which will be Stage 5, scheduled for early June)
c) All relevant information should be here: or you can ask in Discord where both our team the community is active.

Hope that helps.