Newbie staking questions

Hi there, I’v seen the posts from the validators, I’ve seen the staking page on Solana Beach but I’m still having difficulty figuring how to evaluate validators. I would really appreciate it if someone could explain a few of the basics to me.

  • What does inflation adjusted return mean in this context? Is this simply assuming zero price change and the inflation from the new supply added?
  • What is the proper return number to look at and compare across validators from a stakers perspective (expected return)
  • What are the key risk metrics for comparing stakers? What factors could increase risk of slashing?

Thanks in advance

Look at the validator logos on when you see a frog image delegate some to them, otherwise not. This is the way.

Hi, you can find a list of top validators on my website at

Click through the list to see some details + a link to their websites. Visit their websites and then pick one or more based on what you see.

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nice that you build this score list!