NFT by CLI interface

Hello Slaners. I would like to make some other tests. I need to know how connect a bitmap image to a token created by CLI. I know that Solart (the marketplace) permits to mint a NFT online by uploading an image. Via CLI I did not find this section. Thanks.

Hi @jeyjey ,

Unfortunately I don’t know of any CLI’s that will do that. You wouldn’t be able to do it with the official solana CLI, I think, it would have to be a CLI purpose-built to make the API calls to Solana to create the NFT.

I don’t know what standards Solart uses for NFT’s either, so I don’t know how they store the image data.

The only way folks do this NFT with SOLANA easy is with the w3js interface. You can see how its done if you can read JS in the mataplex github application but I found a guy who can do this but is a very smart Russian and it was had to try to do myself and I am a JS/Java/C programmer. Here is some links for MP etc:
metaplex update says you don’t have to pay to mint lots of NFT’s as the customer does it for you with new metaplex:

You see if you hand create NFT you still have to pay around $1.00 USD SOL equivilent to mint. Then if you want to sell in you can sell it and that costs another USD $1 or so. I forget exact costs but its a few dollars to get your graphic file onto the but hey, you can then instantly sell your NFT using your link to your NFT for sale in and BTW, you can just mint and create sale item on all on the website and forget about CLI and metaplex. Just use for minting, selling and thats it.

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Thanks friend I minted the first intellectual NFT. I hope so …
NFT thought:
NFT thought

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