NFT giveaway scam on phantom wallet

I’m getting pretty fed up with being scammed no matter how careful I try to be. $5000 in the past 2 weeks. Latest scam: went to show my family my new NFT acquisitions and there was an NFT giveaway from Solana…not unusual…cleaned out my SOL tokens. I wonder how they are allowed to advertise straight to my wallet? Thinking I might have to invest in tulips; so much safer than crypto but the returns are crap I’m told. Miserable start to the new year.


Hi @gadaffi and welcome to the forum. :wave:

I’m so sorry you got scammed.

What wallet were you using and what site did you try to get the giveaway from?

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Thank you for your reply. Phantom wallet. The site was

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And Phantom showed you an add? I’ve never had phantom do that. Where did you install Phantom from?

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I want to share this warning. scam


I’ve had the phantom wallet for some time but the ad was on the NFT section of the wallet and is still there. Although I removed the ‘Auto approve’ within seconds of realising, I can’t find anywhere to delete the ad. I’m actually scared to revisit the wallet for fear of cleaning me out although there’s not much left now.

Hmm. I’m never on the NFT tab, so that could be why I haven’t seen it, but half the time I’m also behind a web proxy that blocks most adds, so that could be another reason. If the wallet has a link to a scam, I’m concerned that it’s not a real Phantom wallet, but the fact that there is still money that hasn’t been stolen seams to imply that Phantom itself is not necessarily 100% a scam.

If I get connected to the internet without the proxy later I’ll let you know if I see the same add.

You have your seed phrase somewhere safe, right?

If you do, you might want to just uninstall that version of Phantom.

I hope we can remove these in the future or maybe we can right now and I just can’t figure it out? Can you imagine all these scams just filling up your NFT section of the wallet over time?


Oh, boy, I think I just figured out what happened, and it’s not Phantom’s fault.

Somebody sent you an NFT that was a picture of the add! It’s not a Phantom add, it’s actually an NFT that’s image is an add.

They gave you a free NFT that was an add for a scam. That’s clever, but really messed up.

So you should be able to delete it, you can just send the NFT to a non-existant wallet.

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Thanks. I think the wallet is fine as it’s had much more in it in the past. The ad is embedded in the NFT page/tab which is why I assumed it would be legit. I went to Phantom Telegram group to vent and of course swamped with scammers offering to help me ‘recover’ funds. Now banned from that group for highlighting this. Not sure who to trust anymore. I shall try and do everything through Ledger from now on but my knowledge of crypto is limited. Thanks again.

Yeah, I highly recommend using ledger wallets, but in this case it wouldn’t actually have saved you, because the issue is that the website you connected to to get your NFT givaway could still do what it did if you approved the transaction on your ledger.

If you have any crypto questions, feel free to ask here. I like helping people understand the space, which is definitely very confusing.

It’s a delicate balancing act trying to figure out what to trust. Not sure why you got banned from the Telegram group, but I’ve found that some of the crypto chat spaces have ended up kind of hostile due to the abundance of scammers. It makes the good people who are there hyper sensitive because they have to deal with scammers all the time.

You may want to check out this community list of safe and scam sites. Be wary of trusting everybody, and just do your best to try and find multiple things that indicate any site or source is legitimate. Sometimes I’ll even do quick searches like “is [insert website] legit” and that can be helpful.

Sorry again for all your trouble! Crypto is an amazing space, but also rather dangerous. We are forced to look out for ourselves and it’s hard to tell who to trust, but hopefully we as a community can improve the state of things over times as we find best practices and help put practical safety measures in place.

You may also be interested in this open issue on Solana related to this scenario of unwanted NFTs/adds:

I didn’t even think about sending it to a non-existent wallet. I still didn’t see a way of deleting it though. Thank you.


No problem!

I actually just mean you can delete it by sending it to a non-existant wallet. :slight_smile:

That’s actually how many crypto protocols “burn” or “delete” tokens, by just sending them to this wallet that nobody can spend tokens from.

I just got this NFT on my Phantom Wallet.
I open it and clean out my 190$
I feel so stupid. I already revoke the website from the wallet. But the money is gone ofc.

Now, how can I remove this Fake NFT from my wallet?

Please any help or advise?

Guys I try to send the scam NFT back to the wallet that sent me.
I need pay a fee $0,000888.

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I am sorry that happened but from what I know, there is nothing anyone can do to help you to get your funds back. Do not sign anything with your wallet unless you are absolutely sure it is not a scam. DYOR and ask the community if you are unsure of anything. The NFT in your wallet can’t do anything afaik so you do need a small amount of SOL to get rid of it by sending it somewhere else, which you can get from a solfaucet or you can make a new wallet and remove your old one.

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This is a clever airdrop spam that I found among the tokens for an account I have. The token’s mint address is DL23jAY3qCG7G9W1fSQETzMjLmwUL9hKmiwEedCDK9ww and if you look at the Metadata tab, you’ll see

"data": {
  "name": ""
  "symbol": "NFT"
  "uri": ""

That URL leads to, and as if the “official” isn’t a dead scam giveaway, it also has a picture of Anatoly and the “live” banner that’s used on so many YouTube “giveaway” crypto scams. The site further links to, which always has 112/1500 NFTs left.


Same here. Was showing off the Phantom wallet and my 1 NFT of Melania Trump Eyes.
Wiped out my solana. Lesson learned. Only 300.00 could have been much worse.

Now how do I delete that scam gif from my "Collections: in the Phantom wallet?

How did it get there in the first place?

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Hi folks! So sorry about your lost funds. :confused:

If you want to “delete” the NFT, all you have to do is send it to a trash wallet. For instance, here’s an address that I randomly generated and threw away the seed phrase of: 9irgaNRU2deXzUkfbPzL6kTVdjrt5hBNCAfLrLAccSw1. It means nothing to me or anybody else so you could send trash NFTs there if you wanted, or you could generate your own trash wallet to send them to.

It will cost one transaction fee to to the send, which usually cost $0.001 in SOL tokens.

If you’ve ever posted your wallet address somewhere public on the internet the scammer probably found it there and used your address to send you this “gift”.


Thanks for the feedback. Certainly learned a lesson!