NFT giveaway scam on phantom wallet

Hey I have this same exact nft in my wallet. What do I do? Super Nervous I am going to lose everything. Can anyone help?

Don’t be. Go to the top of this thread and look for advice from the super helpful zicklag. Just don’t connect your wallet to the fake nft. I lost 2 grand.

When I send the NFT back to the scammer who sent it to me, i have to approve the transaction on my ledger. Is that safe?

It is safe as long as you are sending it back using a legitimate, safe wallet that you trust, such as the official Phantom wallet ( beware of scam mobile wallets for Phantom and other Solana wallets ).

Hey, quick question.

So I received the same nft as a gift. When I first saw the nft I got nervous that I have been hacked, so I proceeded with caution and did not open the link attached to the nft. The funds are still in my account. Should I transfer it all over to my ledger while I still see it in my account? what is the best course of action??

thanks friends :slight_smile:

Hi @zephead and welcome to the forum! :wave:

You will want to:

  1. Send the token back to whoever sent it to you. This is safe as long as you don’t connect to any other websites and you just do the transfer from your wallet.
  2. Close the token account for that token. This lets you claim roughly 0.0025 SOL for free!

hey @zicklag thanks for the help here. My question is the following, if i leave this scam NFT in my wallet, not touching it, but do a mint on an NFT is it safe?

You mean if you mint an NFT on a different, non-scam website?

The NFT can’t really hurt your wallet in any way just by sitting there. The only thing that can cause damage is to connect your wallet to a scam app such as the one on the NFT and approve a transaction from that app.

thanks @zicklag in that case ill leave there for now, and once my balance is down to 0 ill try your solution to send it to a trash wallet, thanks a million

i found that im in the same situation
received a NFT like this
also approved the transaction already…
It take my sol to this address

Hi @timho and welcome to the forum. :wave:

Unfortunately if it’s already taken your money there’s no way to get it back. Sorry about that. :confused: too is a scam giveaway

new scam
dont click

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I just went through this process - it seems like this scam is getting smarter and even though I’d send the NFT to a burner address, it would just keep reappearing in my wallet.

I’d highly recommend …worked for me in a single try.

Good luck, all.

Hi @JackThaR1ppiR and welcome to the forum and thanks for the tip. :wave:

I would just be extremely cautious of using the website above If you aren’t absolutely sure it’s safe. You wouldn’t want to get scammed by trying to avoid getting scammed!

I just lost all my solana crytpo to this scam, $600. its too painfully easy to lose all your funds. now is my account compromised? i have a ledger wallet.

This issue needs to be fixed by Phantom wallet. The signing is not clear what will occur. Why do we proceed to allow users to get scammed because phantom can’t properly tell the user what will happen when they click ‘confirm’ at signing. The responsibility to Phantom is to do a much better job at letting users know what will occur at the time of signing a contract. It’s not on users to send scam nfts to a void wallet. Make this process easier for end-users to keep them safe from these scams. There should also be a better process for signing.

Make signing clear and perhaps add one more confirmation if for instance there will be a transfer of funds at signing.

I see this conversation far too often in this space, blaming the end-user for getting scammed. If we want crypto to gain mass adoption, then these issues have to be worked out. We can no longer blame the end-user and should instead figure out ways to keep end-users safer.

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I just received this scam. Clicked the link (dumb), but saw the website and did not pair my wallet or anything. Will just clicking the link compromise my wallet?

Hi yesterday i have also recived this scam,

But luckly i went to discord to ask what is it.
I also cant delete it, and as i understood from chat above, the olny way is to creat new wallet. Then send all your funds to new wallet , then connect to the with old wallet, to send this scam there. But i cant close my old wallet because i have long term staking from it, so i hope solana team will find the way to delete scams from wallets! thank you!