NFT giveaway scam on phantom wallet

I have a nano ledger and I did not touch the Scam NFT and It has locked up my Ledger. This is crazy. I did everything right.

I’ve noticed mine gets stuck sometimes and I have to pull it out and plug it back in. Maybe try that.

If you have a legit version of Phantom installed, and you aren’t connecting to any websites, just using Phantom’s send feature, then I can’t think of any reason you would be in danger.

To double-check, I think it’s possible that the Ledger will recognize the send action, too, and say that on the screen in the approve screen.

Does anyone elses scam nft have this Amount field?

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@zicklag Thanks for the info! I too got this in my wallet and after reading about what can happen I’m worried about even clicking on the ad. I just try to ignore that is there but I would love to remove it. Can you please provide the instructions on how to send this to the dead wallet? Is it ok to click into it? Or a better question, how do I send it away without clicking on it?

Hi @MrNine and welcome to the forum! :wave:

You should be fine to click on it, just don’t go to the website on the add and don’t connect Phantom to that website and don’t approve any transactions from that website.

I’ve never actually had an NFT in Phantom before so I’m not sure exactly what the interface is like, but I’m assuming you click on the NFT, and then there should be a send button on the next page. Click the send button and paste in the trash wallet address. That should send it to the trash wallet.

I just got the same scam! How can one remove it from wallet?

Same one in phantom wallet

You can just send it to a trash wallet address such as this one that I made and then threw away the seed phrase for:


Warning, though, you can’t get anything back out of it once you transfer something to it! Only transfer trash to the wallet.

Do you think its possible that people are getting wallet address from transactions signatures reported?

Probably. They’re probably looking at the address of people who by NFT’s on NFT marketplaces or something like that.

You have to pay a network fee to send to dump address. Message phantom wallet support and post that you are receiving scam NFTs in your wallet. Could be a security breach on their end.

Its that or these discords?

Yeah. It’s usually only $0.001 for a transaction, though. If you don’t want to pay the fee it’s harmless to leave in your wallet.

It’s not really Phantom’s fault. All wallet addresses that have ever interacted with the blockchain are public. You can see all kinds of addresses on things like the Solana Beach transaction explorer or other explorers such as or You can also write scripts to look for addresses that interact with certain smart contracts, such as if you wanted to find a list of addresses that had interacted with an NFT marketplace and might be interested in these kinds of NFT giveaways.

They could be getting the addresses from anywhere really. Again, all the wallet info out there is public.

There is no security using this wallet then

That’s how all wallets work. It’s just like an Email. Anybody can send you an Email, and it’s up to you to ignore potentially malicious emails and not to follow any links.

If you never go to a website that is displayed in an NFT, then there’s nothing that can hurt you. This should be rather easy, just don’t trust any NFTs that get put in your wallet for free without you doing anything. Having the NFT isn’t a security risk. Just like getting a scam Email isn’t a security risk, and it isn’t the fault of your Email provider if you get one.

Email providers often try to detect scam Emails and put them in a separate folder, and that is a feature that could be welcome in wallets in the future, but not even Email filters block all spam.

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Spam filter is definitely needed… sent to a dump as my solution and changed password… Avoided scam thanks to this forum

thanks for your support and insight

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Glad I could help! :slight_smile: Good luck with crypto in the future. :+1:

i become this scam, too.
Click the link, mint… Solana Balance phising away.
Delete Chrome Browser Extension - kill cookies and delete all Phantom Trust Applikations.

No i still have this Scam-NFT in my Solana Wallet.

I Transfer the NFTs to - Garbage Wallet… Rott in Hell.

I learn a lot of this scam… trust noone

It happened to me too and normally I wouldn’t share, but I see there are multiple addresses this is coming from. I consider myself pretty savvy, but was so excited to get what I thought was an NFT drop…I’ve never had, that I fell for it and immediately regretted of course. Thank goodness it was only $250 USD worth…but still depressing and upsetting for sure!!!
This is the extension of mine… blob:chrome-extension://bfnaelmomeimhlpmgjnjophhpkkoljpa/5c8bc8d8-88ae-4d43-9430-00fd70972851