NFT not getting minted to my Phantom wallet

I am using the metaplex candy-machine v2 to mint a few nfts for practice. I am using the default front end that comes with it. When I click on mint and go on to approve the transaction from my Phantom wallet on devnet, under estimated balance changes, it says that the transaction may fail. On approving nevertheless, it never comes under the collectibles tab.

HI @Vipul and welcome to the forum! :wave:

In Phantom there is a setting for which network to connect to, and this will be the one that Phantom uses to simulate transactions.

What I’m guessing is that you have your app frontend pointed at the devnet, but you have Phantom’s setting configured for the mainnet.

So when Phantom simulates the transaction on the mainnet it fails, because things aren’t setup properly for your mint on the mainnet, but when your frontend submits the transaction, it is sending it to the devnet, where thing are all in order and the transaction succeeds.

Hey @zicklag Thank you for the reply. I wish to know what the other reasons if any could be because both my frontend and the wallet are connected to the devnet… Thanks again.

In that case I’m not sure. :thinking:

Does the transaction simulation consistently fail every time you try it? The only think I can think is that it was just a temporary simulation failure.

Otherwise I don’t have any other ideas yet.