Nirvana - How to buy

Nirvana is a twin system of algorithmic wealth & ultra low-risk stablecoin on the Solana network. It produces the ANA token: an algorithmic metastable token that serves as a store of wealth, and the NIRV token: a decentralized superstable store of value.

How to buy time-released ANA contracts to get ANA at a discount
To purchase trANA (time-released ANA) go to the “Buy ANA” section of the Nirvana protocol.
When purchasing trANA there are three vesting term options: three, five and ten days. Before you initiate the purchase process, you can view the currency, price and estimated ROI offered at each vesting term to determine which option you would like to buy.
Once you’ve made your selection, the next step is to click the >>> “Buy ANA” button for your preferred trANA option.
Once your transaction has been confirmed, you will see your ANA’s vesting progress.
Once your ANA has vested, you have two options: you can redeem it OR you can redeem and stake. To redeem and stake your owned ANA tokens for additional prANA rewards, hit the “Redeem & Stake” button. This will redeem your available vested ANA and instantly stake it. Reserve-backed rising floor
Reserve-backed floor
The Nirvana protocol owns the liquidity for ANA. Every purchase of ANA through the protocol’s central AMM locks liquidity into the AMM.
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