Nirvana - liquidity fact

Nirvana is a twin system of algorithmic wealth & ultra low-risk stablecoin on the Solana network. It produces the ANA token: an algorithmic metastable token that serves as a store of wealth, and the NIRV token: a decentralized superstable store of value.

This inbound liquidity provide sell-depth for sales of ANA back to the AMM. This liquidity is not “rented” from liquidity providers; it is held by the central AMM program.
The reserve backing for ANA is encoded in the special price curve of this AMM. The price curve ensures that the minimum price for ANA is at the floor. In other words, the AMM allocates liquidity at the floor price for all ANA tokens. ANA is meant to be a low-risk investment that appreciates steadily and reliably. NIRV is meant to be an ultra-low-risk store of value – one that can absorb the de-pegging of individual stablecoins.