Nirvana - mission

Nirvana is a twin system of algorithmic wealth & ultra low-risk stablecoin on the Solana network. It produces the ANA token: an algorithmic metastable token that serves as a store of wealth, and the NIRV token: a decentralized superstable store of value.

Nirvana is designed to prevent hyper-inflation. It is an antidote to investment assets that boom sharply in price and then swing suddenly down from the heights. The protocol and its liquidity are oriented towards supporting the price of ANA. The Nirvana protocol produces two tokens with two purposes;
NIRV: Store of value
Decentralized, superstable currency
A higher- order stable coin with a delegated peg. ANA: Store of wealth
Algorithmic metastable token
A volatile, yield bearing investment with a reversed-backed rising floor
Volatile, but propped up with intrinsic value.