Nirvana - Solana Ecosystem

Nirvana is a twin system of algorithmic wealth & ultra low-risk stablecoin on the Solana network. It produces the ANA token: an algorithmic metastable token that serves as a store of wealth, and the NIRV token: a decentralized superstable store of value.

This increase is tantamount to raising the floor price. In other words, ANA holders enjoy permanent gains. Once the floor price ratchets up, those gains are locked forever.

Sustainable APY. Users are incentivized to stake their ANA in order to gain periodic rewards. The protocol mints pre-ANA (prANA) tokens at a regular interval, based on the total supply of ANA. These prANA tokens are shared to stakers in proportion to how much they have staked. The result of repeated rewards creates compounding APY for stakers. Higher-order stablecoin. ANA can be used as collateral for taking NIRV loans. The NIRV token is a superstable currency that is fully collateralized 1:1 with the intrinsic (floor) value of ANA.

Since NIRV loans are priced at the floor value of ANA (which can never be breached), there is zero liquidation risk for these loans.

Risk-adjusted discount:
The protocol’s reserve profits when the protocol sells ANA at the spot price and also when it sells time-released ANA (trANA) contracts. When a user purchases ANA tokens from Nirvana, the protocol mints an amount of new tokens that are either available instantly, or that vest linearly for the user.
The price of both time-released ANA and instant spot ANA are algorithmically set by the protocol’s optimized AMM. Time-released ANA prices go up with demand for buying them, and lower over time as ANA tokens vest.

Claim your prANA rewards and realize them into ANA
Stake the newly acquired ANA for compounding interest on your prANA rewards, Mint a NIRV loan from your staked ANA, and use that NIRV to buy more ANA, levering up your exposure with zero liquidation risk.