NO NFT can be staked

We deployed a staking contract on Solana. Everything worked perfectly fine and now we cannot stack new NFTs and all staked NFTs are totally stuck. Any attempt to do action, hits the 200K compute limit and fails.
How can this be fixed? Will we lose all the NFT if we upgrade?

If you still have the upgrade key for the program, you should be able to upgrade that program and either fix the bug to make it work as expected, or add a new instruction to the smart contract that allows users to recover their NFTs.

As far as I’m aware ( this is to my current knowledge, I haven’t tested it, so don’t take my word for it ), should be able to push an update to the contract without causing any change to the NFTs. The contract should still have access to all of the NFTs, you just have to modify the contract so you can get them back