NOOB Sending SOL to paper wallet - did I do it right?

Hi SOL ppl!

SOL noob here. I followed this doc with the intent to create a paper wallet using official solana docs.

I ran “solana-keygen new --no-outfile --word-count 24” while offline / disconnected and copied my pub key and printed my private key and rebooted.

Then bought SOL at coinbase and sent to my pub key that I carefully noted from cb pro (tiny test , like $5).

In fact here, public key is: DwNg2BQS2z5PPZZ8W9hzAsHpgQnvfyXcsSGuhbrKfJFE

I used the to verify I have any clue about what I am doing and see if I can see my SOL.

I see 0 SOL. And in the phantom wallet I assumed I would see my public key.
Instead I see a number starting with ‘9’, which is clearly not Dw…etc as above:

What is that?

Did I just send $5 to Donald Trump or something? :smiley:

I am not sure if I am having the same issue as listed here these folks with SOL amounts < 1.0:

" [SPL Token Not showing in Phantom Wallets or Solflare Mobile]"
](SPL Token Not showing in Phantom Wallets or Solflare Mobile)

Thanks for any reply!!

Hi @moddie and welcome to the forum! :wave:

This is probably the single most confusing thing about Solana for new users who read the docs, and it’s not your fault! :slight_smile: Rest assured that if you have your seed phrase, and you send money to an address you got using that seed phrase, you still have access to your funds.

For one, you should be able to run solana balance on the commandline and see that you now have the SOL that you transferred from Coinbase.

The reason you are getting a different address in Phantom is because you can actually derive an unlimited amount of different wallet address from one seed phrase.

The address you get out of the wallet is determined by the derivation path used to generated the wallet address.

The issue you’re having is that the default derivation path is different for Phantom and the Solana CLI.

There are a couple easy options you could take from here:

  1. You can transfer your money from the CLI wallet to your Phantom wallet. That might be the easiest option.
  2. You can import your CLI wallet private key into Phantom. This isn’t the nicest option because it means that if you want to restore your phantom wallet on another computer, you have to copy that private key file, instead of just being able to use your seed phrase.

If you want an in-depth and somewhat technical explanation of how the the whole thing works see this thread:

hi @zicklag

I see. OK thank you very much. I was just sort of getting used to sending to my public key. Thanks for the great reply! This really helped me. Seems I have a bunch of learning still to go…

Is there a way to recreate the id.json file using the 24 word mnemonic phrase?
I figure I can send the SOL back to my coinbase account and try again…

Oh, it seems ‘solana-keygen recover’ will do that…:smiley:

I cannot import my 24 word mnemonic phrase into phantom as far as I can see, that’s what I did at first and saw the “9…” number not really sure frankly how phantom works…


Hi There

Yes, although I got a good answer above, I am trying to figure out how to take the SOL I sent to my pub key and send it to coinbase. I don’t want to commit to a paper wallet and send the full balance until I feel confident I know the steps involved.

I have my 24 words available but I don’t see to be able yet to figure the precise steps to take.

@moddie :warning: WARNING :exclamation:: The user that just posted above is a scammer!

They just joined the forum and are using a username to make it look like they are official Solana support. Don’t follow any of their guidance or instructions!

Phantom isn’t configured to be able to import your 24 word phrase into the same address that the Solana CLI created. The CLI was created, I think, before Solana followed the now-developed standard for which wallet addresses to create from the seed phrase, so the CLI creates different wallet addresses by default than Phantom or other wallets will create.

The easiest thing to do is to transfer your money from your CLI wallet to the Phantom wallet address that it created when you imported your 24 words.

So you want to transfer from your CLI wallet address to the new address that Phantom created, the one starting with “9…”.

Step by step, what you want to do is:

  1. Transfer from the CLI wallet to Phantom:

    • Do this from the CLI: solana transfer [insert the Phantom wallet address here] [insert amount here]
  2. Do another quick test and send $1 from CoinBase to your new Phantom wallet address and see if that works.

  3. Finally, update your CLI wallet and id.json to have the same address as your Phantom wallet. You can run this command: solana-keygen recover "prompt://?full-path=m/44'/501'/0'/0'".

    This command will ask for your seed phrase and then set up the Solana CLI to match Phantom’s wallet address. You should be able to verify that it matches after running that command by running solana address.

Let me know if you have any more questions!