Nosana, SCAM or not?

They say:
“let’s take a closer look at our very first supporter: Solana Foundation. Solana is the world’s quickest blockchain and the fastest growing crypto ecosystem to date, with over 400 projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and more. Do we need to say anything more? ;-)”

But I see nothing about them anywhere.

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I’ve never heard of Nosana, but at the same time I’ve never heard of plenty of legitimate projects. Still if there isn’t evidence of the Solana Foundation actually sponsoring them, then I’d stay on the safer side and assume it’s a scam.

The “Do we need to say anything more? ;-)” line in particular sounds like a fallacy, like they are trying to get you just to believe them in short order without thinking about it.

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I have never heard of Nosana but just read the reviews on the Internet and many write that it is a scammer. Who can talk about personal experience?