Not matched transaction amount and target account balance change

I am exploring Solana and faced a problem. I sent common transaction transferring 3000 lamports to account, but target account balance was increased for 2954 lamports. Link to transaction:

Why did it happen? How can I predict the exact amount recipient will receive?

Thank you for reaching to SOLANA FORUMS. Customer service may take some time to respond due to a large number of requests. We believe your case will be resolved as soon as possible.
Have you connected your token holder to Solana Network?
Secondly I would need you to provide the information of the transaction.

Best Regards,
Solana Team.

DM me for help , Support

Hi. I don’t have such an option or I can’t find DM popup. Where can I write you? Or it would be nice if you could explain to me here why the amounts of my transaction did not match, to clarify this perhaps for other people

Hi. What info about transaction do you need?

@Anshelen Have your issue been solved?

@Anshelen i had the same issue but their online customer service are very active and have you contacted them?

Hi. No unfortunately

Don’t connect your wallet , it’s a scam

Yes, I understand, thanks. So incredible amount of scammers here:(