Official Solana NFT Launch | Only 1500 NFTs!

Hello All,

I need your advice regarding this. According to below link my phantom wall i tried to connect and clam the NFT and spamer stole my 3 SOL from the wallet.

is there way to clam. kindly please support.

Hello we can help you out real quick , kindly read your DM

Really Appreciate it if you can help me on this…

my email.

Check out your email real quick

Solana NFT launch Great news


This is a scam. Unfortunately once you connect your wallet and the funds are transferred you cannot retrieve it. The other person has to give it back.

Also the above post is a scam. No one can help you reclaim funds. They are just trying to get you to fall for the same trick twice…

Thanks for your update… what to do. bad luck. :slight_smile:

thanks for your reply, is there a way to track the owner of the sol address.

Not really… That is kind of the point of crypto. It makes it really cool and a great way to get out from under prying eyes, but it also means bad actors are much harder to trace. Even if you did find who owned that wallet, most scammers are smart enough to basically mix it up with a bunch of other crypto and make it untraceable… I am really sorry for your bad luck. Don’t use that wallet anymore and try to be careful. I am working on writing a safety guide so people will have a better idea of what people can and cannot do with crypto wallets and theft…