Phantom to Binance Transfer

Need help. Went to Binance, then Solana and deposit, copied my address then went to Phantom to pick up Star Atlas, Phantom wallet transaction looks complete but has not been credited to Binance. With that I did a test, converted Star Atlas to Solana and performed the same process, this time it was successfully credited, that is, before removing Atlas or Polis from Phantom portfolio to Binance, I need to convert to Solana. However, the first transaction was opened and Phantom is not supported. do you know a way to cancel the transaction and get my money back?

There isn’t any way to undo a token transfer without having control of the account that you transferred the tokens to.

I have not used Binance before, and I don’t know how it works, but if you transferred tokens to a Binance account that the Binance company controls, then they are the only ones that can give you those tokens back.

You might be able to contact Binance support, but Warning: be very, very, very careful when reaching out to support for problems you run into while using crypto.

It seems that people reaching out for support are at the top of the list for people who get scammed. Scammers lie in wait for people looking for support for problems, then they send them a link to some website that masquerades as a wallet, and then they steal your wallet information and the tokens in the wallet. Be Careful… Do not ever share your private key file or your seed phrase. Also do not put that information into any wallets that you haven’t used before at the instructions of the support official.

If you aren’t sure about something, maybe ask on the forum or Discord, but be aware that scammers are here on the forum too, so exercise common sense and be aware.

I understand. Turns out the Token Star Atlas is not yet listed in Binance. Still, only Binance can solve this?