Phantom wallet help me please

hello community. I need your help.
I did not make any transfer or even send. I just reinstalled phantom. I entered my 12 words, then I arrive in front of a lot of wallets except the one where there are my chips. How can I get my private keys to be able to import my wallet? knowing that I have my public key, my 12 words. thank you

If you have your 12 word phrase, then that is just as good as having your private key. Your 12 words will allow you to re-generate your private key just as it was initially.

Do you remember for sure what address had your tokens in them the first time you installed Phantom?

yes I remember the public key where the funds are. I have my 12 words but when I connect the wallet where the funds are present is not available. here is attached my wallet where the tokens are but to import it on phantom it asks me for the private keys.

Voici l’adresse où mes fonds sont stocker. C’est l’adresse avec laquelle je me suis connecter la première fois

. This is my wallet

Try going to ( this is the official Sollet wallet, as you can find and verify on GitHub ), and try to recover your wallet with your seed phrase on there.

It should give the same result as Phantom, but it won’t require you to use your private key and should quickly show whether or not we can get the wallet back.

Note: Always be aware and super careful if anybody tells you to use a wallet you’ve never used before. People can scam you. I’ve given you the GitHub link above so that you can verify for yourself that the link I sent you was valid.

once on sollet how can i add my wallet on sollet?

Sollet will display a seed phrase when you get to it initially, but it will have a link saying something like “or you can restore an existing wallet with a seed phrase”.

If you put your 12 words in there it will show you a list of wallets that it can restore from that seed phrase. You wallet should be in the list.

If your wallet is not in the list, there is a dropdown menu at the top-right that shows different derivation paths, you can try different options to see if your wallet is in any of the different options.

The wallets on the derivation paths are empty and the wallet where the funds are located is not present on any derivation paths. What time should I do knowing the funds were never transferred after receipt.

I have tried everything, I have traveled path by path the wallet is not present knowing that I have not carried out any transaction from the wallet except to receive funds. here is the wallet in question.


The only thing I can think of is that you got one of the seed phrase words wrong, or you used a seed phrase from a different wallet you own, like Metamask or something like that.

If you have the original seed phrase used to make that wallet, then you can get the wallet back by using the seed phrase. If it doesn’t work, I think you must have gotten one of the words or letters wrong in the seed phrase.

I was not mistaken, I am sure of myself! I don’t know myself and yesterday by connecting it to sollet I restored wallet how can I recover my wallet?

the sentences is capture I can’t be wrong. how can i recover my funds from my phrases and my public keys. I did nothing except delete and install the extension. Can I leave you my sentence so that I can resolve the situation? and I see remunere please.

Well I’m stumped. I’ve not found a case where the seed phrase is unable to restore the wallet.

I don’t know what to do, sorry. :man_shrugging:

No that’s not going to help. I would just do what I told you to do.

And if you gave me your seed phrase and I could recover the wallet, there’d be nothing stopping me from stealing all your money. You never want to give anybody your seed phrase, because there’s no way to know that they’ll be honest and give you your money back.

ok thanks for your advice. but I don’t understand how it could have disappeared? Is there a way to recover the private keys with this key and my phrase? B44nghv3FHdCE3NKf4B35LPVFo3GDAXzYrVWKaM8cggc

do I have to restore all the wallets present on sollet to find mine?

I don’t know. :man_shrugging:

Everything I know says that you can get your wallet back with your seed phrase. All you should have to do is put the seed phrase back into Phantom or Sollet.

It should have shown up in the list of wallets when you put your seed phrase into Sollet.

the problem may come from the fact that I added more wallets ?

How did you add the other wallets, and how many other wallets did you add?

because inadvertently I created several wallets around 13 or 14 on phantom.

I also reset empty wallets on sollet hoping to bring back the right wallet but it didn’t work.

Oh, interesting.

The wallet that you are looking for, was it one of the ones between wallet number 9 and 14, or was it the first wallet you created?

If it was one of the later wallets you created, you can get to it by:

  1. going to Sollet
  2. putting in your seed phrase to restore the wallet ( even if the address doesn’t match the one you’re looking for )
  3. and just keep clicking the button to add a new wallet until you find the one you’re looking for.