Phantom Wallet, missing addresses

Hey there, i’ve recently recovered my Phantom Wallet, however I noticed it didn’t retrieve some addresses.

I’ve checked Phantom’s FAQ and some videos about it, tried some things, and none worked.

Few answers to questions that might pop up:

  • Yes, I do have the seed phrase.
  • No, unfortunately I don’t have the Private Key.
  • I created over 20 addresses through Phantom.
  • The missing ones are some of the latests

So how can I get access to an address, without the private key?

@zicklag I’ve read your messages trying to help someone with a similar issue than mine, you’ve been very helpful and resourceful!
If you could pop in and help me out, appreciate in advance!

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Hi @Wolf and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Thank you! I’m glad I can be helpful. :smiley:

I believe you can get all the accounts back just by going and clicking “create account” until it adds all the accounts you had previously had in Phantom.

Every time you click add account it will derive the next account in the line for that seed phrase. So if you had 20 accounts earlier, as you keep adding accounts, it should reproduce the same set of 20 addresses in the same order as when you first created the accounts.

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That worked!! You’re the best, appreciate you!

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Awesome, so glad it worked!

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