Phantom Wallet password wrong

Hi guys, there is a wired fact i want to check.
Today as basically everyday i try to get acces to my phantom wallet but the wallet tell me the password is not correct. I’m 100% sure the password is correct.
Wired things is that i have the phantom wallet installed in another pc with the same password and i tried on the other pc and even in that one tell me password is wrong.

I have the recovery phrase so i’m not worrying but why both my pc are telling me the same day the password is wrong?

can i be hacked and the hacker/malware/virus is just waiting that insert the recovery phrase?

I checked the wallet on solscan and all the found are there safe but i’m a little bit worrying about the integrity of my network.

Any other one experieces something similar?

thx in advance

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I have an update that may be helpful for other person.
Phantom is currently having this issue with a lot of wallet and alredy the bot chat is informing about this

are you still having trouble logging in to phantom?

not really…but they’re messing up phanthom wallet…they’re upgrading something and not everything is going smooth

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go away fucking scammer

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Same issue here. One of my wallets have been affected. But here s the thing. The one affected got a free NFT from OpenSea few weeks ago. After a recovery i deleted the NFT from the affected wallet. But it s really weird.

Yup, I’ve got the same issue. This is absolutely ridiculous. I have my seed vault in an actual physical bank vault 500 miles away for fuck sake. This is why SOL can’t compete with ETH.

It started with the staking bug few weeks back and keep on getting worse and worse. I’ve used phantom for a long time but not anymore, they got a lot of bugs and I see such new bug reports almost every week. Idk what team is doing, being the oldest wallet on solana, it should be a stable and reliable wallet, but let’s be frank it’s not.
Recently I shifted from phantom to Avana wallet, and I’ve not seen any bug so far in last 2-3weeks, the UI is great, supports all phantom wallet dapps, and wallet interface speed is great. It’s available for desktop only right now, but they’re building a mobile version swell… so I’m all aboard for this new wallet…

I’ve had the same thing a couple of times. Believe it or not my password actually changed back to a previous one I’ve had… How is this even possible?