Plans for on-chain governance on Solana?

Hi, are there any plans or discussions regarding on-chain governance in the Solana Project?

I.e. a system by which validators vote on a node software version? (I know this is a rough definition, but I am not confident enough in blockchain technology to do more than that… if this is a bad definition, I would be glad if you could correct me.)

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How am I supposed to read your comment?

I think the work in progress is here: Governance program by SebastianBor · Pull Request #1635 · solana-labs/solana-program-library · GitHub

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Thanks, this seems to be about governance of on-chain programs. What I meant was more about the Solana validator nodes itself. So whether there will be a protocol to vote on the Solana protocol itself eventually. I hear Projects like Tezos and Cardano vote on changes to their protocols and I think this might be an important feature to enable platform sustainability in the long term.