Play Arcade-Style Games for Free Solana on SOL Faucet

On the first-ever mainnet Solana faucet that we built, we have a games feature at Games | SOL Faucet where you can play fun games to receive free SOL! You can play over 15 different cryptocurrency-themed arcade games similar to 2048, flappy bird, memory, space invaders, stack breaker, knife hit, and more! By playing, you will receive free Solana.

By playing the games , you can earn in-game “stakes” , which will be used to “stake” Solana. The “stakes” expire after 7 days to ensure that only active players receive rewards. The “Today’s Double Game” pays out double the “stakes” and changes every day.

These “stakes” are used to distribute rewards of up to 0.0025 SOL per day (not including additional cryptocurrency rewards that you can earn in-game), so the more “stakes” you have, the more SOL you earn . The reward will be included when you claim from the faucet daily and will be added to your faucet payout amount.

Some people were having issues with playing these games due to an invalid address error, this bug has now been fixed.

On another note, we increased our normal faucet payout amount 5x , now a single faucet payout is enough to pay for a fee for a Solana transaction.

Have fun playing the games and collecting free Solana! Please let us know what you think!

Hey there, this is sort of a technical question I guess, but where does the SOL come from? If the faucet gives you SOL, and this is on the mainnet, which doesn’t have airdrop, people who make SOL by staking or validating have to be investing SOL in the faucet right? If so, who is investing in the faucet? Is it something that anybody can do, or is there a specific person or organization investing in the faucet to give these games SOL to give out to players.

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@zicklag Currently, we’re giving away SOL for free on the faucet, it’s just coming from SOL that we’re buying and investing into the faucet. We are supported by a combination of donations and advertisements, as ad revenue alone is not enough to pay for server costs on top of giving away free Solana, and donations are not as easy to get. Anyone can donate to the faucet using the donation address listed at the top of the homepage.

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OK, cool, makes sense. I was mostly just trying to get a better understanding of how Solana and the ecosystem is put together and make sure I was understanding right. Thanks for the answer! :+1:

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No problem, thanks for asking!

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