PLS HELP! Sol Chicks funds not appearing in wallet

Hey guys I bought 800usd worth of Solchicks, the amount of Solchicks I have appears in my Phantom wallet but the funds do not.

I checked solscan and it says my phantom account is the owner, but under token account it says another account address that’s not mine.
I’ve included the screen shots. Any help would be much appreciated.

Also when I bought CHICKS it did say I might not have enough for gas but my payment went thru anyway and I have the tokens in my wallet, but the actual USD amount doesn’t show.

Hi @Thon I think you are totally fine. In Solana, each different kind of token in your wallet is stored under a separate account. Over in the “More info” section in the screenshot you can see that it says that the owner of the account is 2mitgLN6vyp7Ss6yVtKGbqWxrnUWUk6E4J8TH9C5x3XM. If that is your wallet address, then everything worked fine, and you are good!