Possible to query all NFT addresses in a specific collection?

Is it possible to obtain a list of all NFT addresses from a collection? Am I correct that there is no on-chain relation between NFTs from the same “collection”? I can’t find any tie between them. I was wondering if it would be possible, on-chain, to identify if an NFT address belongs to a specific collection.

Hi @klk, and welcome to the forum!

As far as I know there isn’t a way to tie NFT’s to a collection, but there could absolutely be things I don’t know about.

It would be perfectly possible to have the NFT contain metadata tying it to a specific collection, but it would be up to a developer of an NFT metadata system, maybe similar to the metadata used by Metaplex, and I’m not sure if anybody is already doing that or not.

I settled for just listing each address individually. Not ideal but the only way I see to do it.

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And if anyone is wondering how I queried the full list of addresses for a collection, I used this tool: GitHub - samuelvanderwaal/metaboss: The Metaplex NFT-standard Swiss Army Knife tool.


Is there an easier way to obtain this kinda stuff yet? I’d like to do analytics on NFT collections and buying/selling trends… but figuring out how to obtain all addresses from collection mints is confusing me!!!

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I’m not sure if there’s an easier way, but the Metaplex folks say they welcome questions on their Discord, so they might have an idea:

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Hey man, I need the same. Can you point me where to read it in the doc?

Here is the solution. mint-lists

Magic Eden Hash List Finder works well for me and metaboss does not work, by which we can get all mint accounts of a collection.

MetaplexMetadata is a repo that we can get the metadata by the mint account.