Private Asset + NFT - private marketplace

Hello. I am new here. I am searching informations about the use of this bloclchain for a private asset. I know how to mint an asset, I know how to mint a NFT, in Solana. But I need to complete the circle. I need to make a wallet wit some restylings to have the control of the complete asset. I need also to interchange NFT and tokens just minted in my own asset. I would create a certain kind of NFTs and I wanto to sell and buy in my private asset with my private tokens. Is it possible here? Thanks.

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Hello @jeyjey , welcome to the forum!

What you describe is perfectly possible in Solana. I think that it would require developing a custom smart contract in order to allow trading for your private NFT’s with your new token type, but it’s totally possible.

We are planning to create a startup cmpany to do that but I have to choose the platform and the sidekit to begin to develop. Please could you provide a link to a customized private wallet of a token based on Solana blockchain? I have to do a case study. Please. Thanks.

Unfortunately I don’t know of any wallets that have been customized for a private token, sorry. :man_shrugging:

I know you could do it, but I don’t know of anybody who has done it before.

Thanks for the reply. You told that it is completely possible, but the wallet is high required. What is the wallet that I can use to manage my private tokens and my private NFTs? Thanks.

I would have to do some testing, but I’m pretty sure that the Phantom wallet can support transferring custom tokens created with the SPL standard ( which most Solana custom tokens use ).

Again, I haven’t tested it yet, but Phantom also supports viewing your collected NFT’s. And there is the Metaplex project that has a web-app that can be adjusted for your own marketplaces for custom NFTs also, I believe.

I haven’t personally tested these features yet, but if you wanted to fork Phantom and/or adapt Metaplex I think it would go a long way towards your use-case, but it would take more in-depth investigation and experimentation for me to be able to give any solid specifics on exactly how it would be done and what the best tools/wallets to use/adapt would be.

Many thanks. Your help was very very usefull. I will redirect my studies on SPL instead of Cardano that it is too raw at the moment. Many thanks.

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Hello I am working on all these suggestions. I have a new question if you want to talk to: fees. Ok I know that if I mint a native private asset composed by tokens and NFTs I could manage them with the help of the online wallet like Solarflare. Ok. And the fees will be payd with SOLs. Ok. But I know that there are some big assets in this galaxy (in Solana blockchain), with million tokens, bought and spent every day, and with the wallets support. They are alive on the Solana Blockchain. And the fees are paid by SOL too? They pay the SOL fees to exist in the blockchain? How they do for exist, they have an amount of SOL in their investment plan? If I buy FIDA and if I send one FIDA, I have to hold some SOL? This is the basic aknowledgment I know it … :crazy_face: