Problem minting NFT

Hello I tried to buy an nft at public sale but it didnt let me, it kept saying there was minting error after it was loading for few moments and said to check my sol balance but I had enough sol to mint, more than double. An error message popped up as > Program returned error: custom program error: 0x177b

Please help me figure this out

Hi @PawelJ and welcome to the forum! :wave:

It might be the Metaplex or the mint website has upgraded causing a bug and you may have to wait for them to fix the issue.

You might be able to ask on the Metaplex Discord.

Hey thank you for your response! Im trying to ask them now. However, other members were able to mint and this is strange. After the failure error I refreshed the page and there were still NFTs left to mint but same error popped up to me when I tried to mint

I had the same issue and it seem to come from the fact that I had set the goLiveDate to null. When I switched it, and ran the update_candy_machine CLI command, the error went away.


ts-node ~/metaplex/js/packages/cli/src/candy-machine-v2-cli.ts update_candy_machine -e devnet -k ~/.config/solana/devnet.json -cp config.json
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