Problems with creating new token

I tried using this tutorial. I’m running Git CMD for my CLI on Windows 10 Home (64-bit) and after entering this:

C:\Users\John>spl-token transfer --fund-recipient --allow-unfunded-recipient 8gUB7Jz2wTcNeowMmV9hqC8r6z5ZpkRCrk4FjSFRSuyP 100000000000 CJTtF7EsgN6rpMbKwybKHJYYpeH7Y2sXS7pkvu1CWYqL
Account could not be parsed as token account: pubkey=AQEhkENAuLxHqPHt52ak3aehTgyDq5BKQBzRYpgXQEUG

I get that error. I don’t know what AQEhkENAuLxHqPHt52ak3aehTgyDq5BKQBzRYpgXQEUG is. Am I doing something wrong?