Provide custom Solana NFT as an x-mas gift

Hey there!

My team would like to setup some Solana NFTs (probably we’ll be using Metaplex), and we want to be able to send those as a promo gift to clients and friends, using a custom link. Think “get your own custom x-mas NFT” :wink:

Now, how is this done, and more important, is this even possible?

Apparently, we could setup an own metaplex-based store and sell NFTs for zero USD or so, and share the link only with selected audience, but even then we wouldn’t have the option to have custom links per unique gift / NFT…

Any thoughts on this, maybe anyone who has done something similar before? Many thanks in advance!

Hey there @mops and welcome to the forum!

I recommend reaching out to the Metaplex discord. I believe it’s fully possible to create what you describe, but it might take a little development, because I’ve not seen something that does that specifically yet.

:warning: Warning: Always beware of scams on Discord, though, and never share your seed phrase or use wallet’s you’ve never used before:

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Simply ask a customer for his wallet address and send an NFT to it. What’s a difficulty in that? I don’t understand.